Ar trebui oare ca bona dvs să fie multifuncțională și să se ocupe și de casă?

Should your nanny be multifunctional and do housekeeping as well?


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Yes, nannies can work magic most of the times. They feed and care for your children, making sure everything is alright when you need them the most, and yes, some nannies might do some housework as well, sprinkling magic cleaning dust in your kitchen and messy home. But is it always a good idea to have it both?


If you’re wondering whether to hire your nanny to do housework as well, know that there will always be pros and cons to that decision. But that will depend on the nanny herself and your own situation. Here are the main questions to take into account before you decide on that:



Can your nanny be multifunctional?


Most nannies will take on housekeeping tasks that revolve around your child’s care. For example, they may help keep the child’s room organised, pick up toys and books, cook small meals for them and afterwards wash the dishes that your children used. But if you’re looking for a nanny that will have to clean up YOUR mess, that’s a different job that will require different compensation and clear expectations. You would need to talk that over with your nanny to know whether she’d be willing to do it.



What are your family’s needs?


Before you settle on hiring a nanny, you first need to figure out what your family needs. Candidates applying for a housekeeper-nanny job are different from those who are only looking to be regular nannies. Not all candidates will be versions of Mary Poppins and it’s important to figure out what would be best for your family.


Things that you should take into consideration are your children’s ages, the attention that they might need and how much time you’d want your nanny to focus on housework. After answering those questions, you might be able to figure out if hiring a housekeeper might be better for your family.



What will your nanny’s main responsibilities be?


It is important to make a clear list of your future nanny’s responsibilities during the hiring process. Whenever you decide to post an ad seeking for a nanny, include duties that would apply to your future employee’s job description. If you need anything else apart from childcare, like housecleaning or cooking, make sure you are detailed and precise about what you’d expect from them. During the interview with your potential nanny, discuss what you’re interested in and if she’d be willing to perform those tasks.



How much time will those tasks take?


Caring for a child (or more) and keeping the house clean are two difficult tasks, by themselves. If you’re looking to hire a nanny who would both take care of children and housecleaning while you’re away, make sure you make a schedule for them to let them know just how much time they’d have to reserve for each task.

Iulia Pascu, who was hired for both child care and housekeeping services, says “I cared for two infants and found it difficult to give full attention to all my responsibilities in that house — child care and housekeeping — and eventually had to quit my job because my employer didn’t want to hire a second person.”


Once you hire someone, make a list of the duties that you require, the working days and hours. Talk it over with your nanny how to best include them in your child’s care and routine. For example, suggest tasks like cleaning a room each day of the week while your child is taking a nap. That way, the nanny can finish cleaning the house over the week and will have the rest of the time to focus on your child. 



What will be your nanny’s first priority?


Think about what you want your nanny’s first priority to be: your child or your home. Do you really  want her taking attention away from your child just to vacuum the house?